The Gruff Guide to Eastbourne Library!

The Gruff Guide to Eastbourne Library!

The Gruff Guide to Eastbourne Library!

Amy outside EB library cropped

A great big, troll-sized thank you to the fabulous children of the Chatterbooks group and the staff at Eastbourne Library for inviting me in on Saturday. I used to visit the library regularly as a little girl and later as a student, so it was especially lovely to be back there.

We had great fun looking at one of my books, ‘Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land‘, illustrated by Benji Davies.


In the book, Billy Goat Gruff introduces readers to his Survival Kit to help visitors to Fairy Tale Land survive the many dangerous and magical things they will encounter.

The items may seem unusual at first, such as a bag of frozen peas, a pair of colourful tights and a clothes peg, but Gruff soon showed us why they were needed!

The children also came up with their own wonderful additions to Billy Goat Gruff’s survival kit. It turns out lemonade is fantastic for dealing with dragons. Not a lot of people know that.

Amy Gruff Library EB cropped

The children also made some brilliant maps of Fairy Tale Land. There were mazes and marshmallow towers…diamonds and dragons…and pathways through the clouds…

Gruff library photo 1Gruff library photo 6Gruff library photo 2Gruff library photo 5And here’s some brave adventurers, now fully equipped for exploring Fairy Tale Land:

Gruff library photo 8Gruff library photo 10 Gruff library photo 11Gruff library photo 12 Gruff library photo 13 Gruff library photo 14

Gruff library photo 9Gruff library photo 4

So thank you to everyone who made it a fun morning. Wishing you all many magical adventures. Just don’t forget to take your marshmallows and a fire extinguisher…