Sparkly fun at Bickleigh!

Sparkly fun at Bickleigh!

Sparkly fun at Bickleigh!

Big sparkly thanks to Bickleigh-on-Exe Pre-School for inviting me in to play yesterday.

The children listened so beautifully to The Goodnight Star and we had lots of fun afterwards making some bookmarks for the children to take home.

boy with bookmark bickleighboy with bookmark 2

It was really lovely when another one of the boys spent a long time concentrating on his bookmark. He showed it to me:

brghtest star bookmark

He pointed at the silver star and said, ‘That’s the star that shines brighter than those stars’.

Perhaps¬†when the children next look at the sky and see the star which shines the brightest of all, they may remember Megan’s Star and smile.

Thanks again, Bickleigh, for a lovely morning!