Of mermaids, seabeasts…and schoolchildren!

Of mermaids, seabeasts…and schoolchildren!

Of mermaids, seabeasts…and schoolchildren!

Many thanks to Seaton Library, Owl and Pyramid Bookshop and Seaton Primary School  for a fabulous morning of magical mermaids and seabeasts!

Illustrator Susie Tyler and I had lots of fun at the library with Year 3 from Seaton Primary School.

After reading some of ‘Estella and the Falling Star‘…

Amy reading resized

Susie showed the children how she drew the Shadow-Shark:

Susie and Shadow Shark

and then the children had great creating an awesome seabeastie of their own, first as a group…

Big Ocean Blob

BOB: Big Ocean Blob. Yes, that is a propeller on its back. Kids are awesome.


…and then on their own! The creations were amazing, brilliant and downright terrifying! I give you:

The Trident of Death


The Demon Starfish

demon starfish

Scary beasts with two mouths. Yes, two.

sea creature 5

sea creature 4

And beasts so huge and fabulous they hardly managed to fit on the page:

sea creature 2

And the children spent time thinking about words or phrases which described their creations:

sea creature 1

The children were absolutely buzzing and it was a joy to see the creativity flowing so well in the library.

After the event, we managed to sign some books, with the best book-signing pen IN THE WORLD (thank you, Seaton Library!). Signed copies are available from the Owl and Pyramid Bookshop, along with some of Susie’s postcards, badges and magnets.

The Roly-Poly bird kindly lent a few feathers...

The Roly-Poly bird kindly lent a few feathers…


On this beautiful, sunny February day, Susie and I were able to pop down for a quick lunch on Beer beach:

Amy lunch break on beach

and to do some oh-so-very-serious mermaidy research with some stunning shells we found:

Susie and shell

shell in hand

So thank you, everyone, for a lovely day. We look forward to visiting you again!

To read the blogpost by Owl and Pyramid bookshop and see some more photos of the day, please click here.