Monsters go to Paignton!

Monsters go to Paignton!

Monsters go to Paignton!

The monsters and I had a fabulous visit at Curledge Street Academy. Year 1 had great fun designing their very own class monsters, resulting in some truly weird and wonderful critters indeed…

alvin monster pictureAlambu monster

Alvin Turbo, the Wiggly-Squiggly Tickle Monster and Alambu the Flipple-Flopple Tangle Monster!

We had fun thinking about how these monsters might move, where they might live and if they had a story of their own to tell (I’m sure they do).

Then the children went on to design some fabulous monsters of their own. Here are a few of the fabulous beasts:

girl and monsterboy and monster 3girl and monster 2felix and monsterboy and nonste2 boys and 2 monstersmonsty picture close-upboy and picture

It was brilliant fun being in the class. One little boy based his monster character on his younger brother. And some of the children really got into character:

Little monsters making little monsters

Little monsters making little monsters

I also enjoyed spending some time with Year 2 and Year 4, reading ‘Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo’ and answering their questions about life as a mad children’s author. There were some interesting questions, such as ‘what is your favourite adjective?’ (currently, ‘wobblesome’). The Monster Zoo book started because of a story and drawing I had produced at school when I was 9 years old so it was especially lovely to share this with the children and hopefully encourage some future authors and illustrators.

So, many thanks to the staff and all the children for inviting me and making it a fabulous day – you were all brilliant!

Enjoy the monsters – RAAR!

class monster photo