Monster Zoo tour!

Monster Zoo tour!

Monster Zoo tour!

I was absolutely delighted to visit the Monster Zoo show in Durham recently, produced by the brilliant New Writing North and part of Durham Book Festival.

With Zoe Lambert, Calum Howard, Joe Johnston, Rachel Gay, Ruth Johnson and illustrator Sara Ogilvie

The show was based on my book, Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie. And it was amazing!  It was just incredible to sit in the audience watching an interpretation of my story play out before my eyes.

I laughed so much I cried. Yet there was also a really inspirational and touching message to the show.

Someone IS daring to enter the Monster Zoo…

The cast and crew were incredible. Huge thanks to Rachel Gay, Calum Howard, Joe Johnston and Zoe Lambert for their  hilarious performances, exquisite harmonies and earworming songs. Also to writer Stacey Sampson, director Ruth Johnson,  producer Anna Disley, Associate Producer Sarah Churlish and the oft-forgotten heroes who work backstage making props, designing the set and making sure everything goes smoothly: Nicola Morris, Rachel Glover, Andy Stephenson and Paul Aziz.

The monsters were amazing!

Zoe Lambert as a rock ‘n’ roll Grimblegraw, Joe Johnston as The Orange One and Calum Howard as the DInglebee

Calum Howard and Joe Johnston as the brilliant Purple Gurps

And the songs were also fabulous. My family are still singing them!

There’s still chance to catch this show if you’re in the north of England. You can follow the Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo tour Facebook page or check out the programme on their website.

Thanks again to everyone for making the book come alive on stage! You rock!

With monsters big and small…


5% of author royalties from Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo are donated to Tommys, the baby charity. There’s more about how my books support charities here.