Make a Monster results!

Make a Monster results!

Make a Monster results!

It’s not every day that monsters come through your letterbox. But that’s exactly what’s been happening to me lately!

Monster comp entries 2

Monsters – cunningly disguised as envelopes


There have been over 60 absolutely fabulous entries for the ‘Make a Monster’ competition to win a signed copy of ‘Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo’. A huge thank you to all the children who entered the competition – I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and I hope you all had great fun creating your very own monsters. Deciding a winner was extremely difficult as there were so many marvellous monsters to choose from. But in the end, I found my winners. And here they are!


Age 5 and under category

The AngelMonsterSorus by Archie Day, age 5



I love the detail on Archie’s picture, such as the many eyes, curious ears and furry-looking legs. He’s thoughtfully added a label, too. Archie has also used fun, bright colours for his monster – every part is a different colour! I also love the idea that he’s taken a familiar creature (an angel) and monstified it! Congratulations, Archie!

Age 6 and over category

The Mon-Wonder-Ster by Aimee Doe, age 8



This entry made me laugh out loud when I saw it. I just love Aimee’s fantastic idea that there are 2 monsters for the price of 1! I can imagine all the mischief an upside-downable monster could get up to. The Mon-Wonder-Ster is creative, original, colourful and fun and I’m sure it would love living with the other monsters in the Monster Zoo. Congratulations, Aimee!



There were so many fabulous monsters that I just had to share some of my other favourites…


Age 5 and under category:


By May Gatward, age 4May’s picture is everything a ‘Princess Monster’ should be: zillions of legs; sharp, pointy teeth and yet all coloured in beautifully with sparkly, glittery ink. Well done, May!


By Poppy James, age 5 – This monster must be shouting RAAAAR! I love the bright colours Poppy’s used and especially those orange eyes and teeth! Well done, Poppy!


By Kirsty Roden, age 5This monster made me smile. I love its mouth and teeth and bright, colourful spots. I think when it’s mouth was closed, it could look quite cute! Lovely picture, Kirsty!


By Annabelle Wallace, age 4Annabelle put a lot of lovely detail into her picture. I really like the green spikes on the monster’s head. The picture is full of bright colours and beautifully coloured. Well done, Annabelle!


Age 6 and over category:


By Milo Mitchell, age 8 I think this monster will haunt me for the rest of my days. The monster’s posture and expression is fabulous and the detail and colour in Milo’s picture is brilliant. Look at the swirls inside the goblet of suspicious-looking red liquid! A wonderful picture, Milo!


By Ethan Brown, age 8This monster is so much fun: bright, weird and wacky. I love the colours and the detail on this monster. Even every leg has a different colour and design. Well done, Ethan!


By Joe Younger, age 8 – The ‘Triparius’ monster is a brilliant drawing. I’d love to see this monster move about. It’s also a brilliant action shot, showing the monster interacting with local traffic! I especially like the teddy and the flower the monster is holding, which shows us something about the monster’s personality. Well done, Joe!


By Mia Flook, age 10 – The ‘Crasulator’ simply lights up the page with colour. Everywhere on the picture there’s something interesting to see. Mia has put a lot of thought into the different things her monster can do, from fire-breathing to flying to leaving scratch marks with its claws. A feast for the eyes. Well done, Mia!


Congratulations to all the Runners-Up featured here and to everyone who joined in by creating their own fabulous monsters!