Magical mermaids are on the way!

Magical mermaids are on the way!

Magical mermaids are on the way!

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Very muchly excited to announce that a new magical mermaid book is on the way!

Written under the top secret (sssh!) mermaid name of Coralie Sparkles, this book is illustrated by the brilliant Susie Tyler and will be out in autumn this year.

Estella and the Falling Star marks the start of a young fiction series called Mermaid Legends, which explores the magical legends the mermaids tell each other.

I’m delighted to say 5% of author royalties will again be supporting ICP Support – a charity concerned with a rare liver condition in pregnancy. The charity aims to support those affected and fund research to help save babies’ lives.

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Big sparkly thanks to Susie Tyler for the illustrations and Lucy Cuthew for the editing!

More details of the book will follow soon!