Hodge and Gruff go to Taunton!

Hodge and Gruff go to Taunton!

Hodge and Gruff go to Taunton!

First of all, a great big, Gruffy thank you to all the staff at Taunton Waterstone’s and to all the families who came along yesterday. We all had a lovely time and the children produced some beautiful, sparkly pictures and bookmarks. It’s always fantastic to have the opportunity to run events with children, helping the book to come alive.

As always, we live and learn:

1) After a couple of amusing incidents with the sparkly stars and the glitter, I’ve decided I MUST get one of those hand-held vacuum cleaners for such events! (You can use them on your child afterwards too. No extra charge!)

2) No matter how keen I am to get to the event, I should ALWAYS make a note of what level of the multi-storey car park I’m on. (The box of materials gets very heavy when you’re wandering round and round in circles!)

3) And speaking of wandering round and round in circles, maybe I should install one of those SatNav things…


Here are some photos from the day: