Happy Alien Pub Day!

Happy Alien Pub Day!

Happy Alien Pub Day!

Today is the day that Zobble the Alien officially lands on planet Earth! (Not the day all the aliens go to the pub…that’s another story).

Alien cover

Big thanks to Jamie Smith, for some fabulous, hilarious illustrations; to Emma Drage and the team at Scholastic for turning round the picture book in record time; and to Julia Churchill, for arranging the deal.

And, of course, big thanks to this humble and oft-neglected vegetable, for providing the inspiration:

sprout resized

I’m delighted to say that 5% of author royalties will be going to the baby charity Tommy’s. So as well as hopefully making people laugh, the book will also be helping to make a difference.


I’ll be blogging more about this little alien later. In the meantime, Happy Pub Day, Alien’s Crazy Christmas!