Gruff’s Guide to the Secret Sea!

Gruff’s Guide to the Secret Sea!

Gruff’s Guide to the Secret Sea!

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Delighted to say that ‘Gruff’s Guide to the Secret Sea’ is now available as an e-book!

Please click on this link to check it out and have a sneaky-peek inside the book: 

Illustrated by the fabulous Benji Davies, ‘Secret Sea’ was such fun to write. Occasionally when you’re editing a book, you have those moments when you just want to throw the laptop out of the window (fellow writers – please tell me I’m not alone!) But with this book, I simply enjoyed every moment and was really sad to hit the ‘send’ button when I finally admitted it was finished!

This book is also special as it is the first book which will be raising funds for charity. From now on, every book I write will be donating a percentage of royalties to a charity helping babies or young children. ‘Gruff’s Guide to Secret Sea’ will be supporting ICP SUPPORT. ICP is a little known but potentially serious liver condition in pregnancy, which is associated with premature labour and stillbirth. More research is desperately needed to ensure every ICP baby makes it home. I’m delighted to be able to support them. If you’ve never heard of ICP, please visit their website: It could help save a baby’s life. 

The first Gruff Guide, ‘Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land’ is also available now as an e-book. Please click here to take a look: