It’s with great pleasure that I can announce Hodge has now gone French! The globetrotting hedgehog has got another country under his belt now, although it’s under a different name: Gedeon!

Click below to see the French Hodge cover!


It’s always lovely when co-editions are done, all slightly different from the country before. The Danish Hodge had a different front cover; the Thai Hodge had a little activity in the back… But underneath, it’s all still Hodge doing what he does best: hedge-hogging and learning to share.

I’m looking forward to receiving a copy of the French version. I studied French at GCSE, and although I was fairly good at the time, I think I’ve forgotten it all now. Still, it would be lovely to try and read Hodge in French, to read the book in another language and see how exactly the translation worked. As I don’t speak Japanese, Korean, Danish or Thai, French is the only chance I have. Although considering I didn’t know the French for hedgehog, it could be an interesting read….something like:

”Gedeon the pineapple hogged the spoon, he didn’t like to sneeze…!”