First draft done!

First draft done!

First draft done!

Phew! The complete first draft of the novel has been done! It’s due in 4 weeks so it’s the slightly more relaxed process now of going through, checking, improving, and enjoying the creative process.

Although 4 weeks sounds a long way off, I’m very limited with the time I have now, snatching writing opportunities during baby nap time as evenings have almost disappeared now, because of a rather unsettled little one! Maybe I’m mad, but this makes it all the more challenging, and so all the more rewarding when it gets done. Well, that’s one way of looking at it!

I am looking forward to finalising it though and then enjoying a couple of weeks off while awaiting feedback and then starting the editing process again.

Well, I say ‘a couple of weeks off’….I’ve only got a picture book to finalise, a song to write, a board game to design, a new book to publicise, a launch to plan (and do!), an adult education course to run….

But hey, I love my job!