Ellie’s Wellies Land With a Splash!

Ellie’s Wellies Land With a Splash!

Ellie’s Wellies Land With a Splash!

So here is a book about Ellie Pengelly –

A fun little girl with some magical wellies.

There’s chaos and laughter and marvellous muddle

When Ellie Pengelly jumps into a puddle…

Happy pub day, Ellie’s Magic Wellies!

As always, a massive, magical *thank you* to everyone who has been involved in the making of this book. A picture book is very much a team effort. Thanks to my lovely agent, Julia Churchill, for her encouragement and for doing the deal; to Melissa Fairley, the lovely editor at Egmont, for the editorial help; and of course, the brilliant Mr Nick East, for his brilliant illustrations!

My pre-schooler and toddler are potential Olympic Puddle-Jumpists and we love it when it rains (just as well when you live in the south-west of England). The wellies go on, and the adventure begins! I hope that little ones reading this book will have many magical puddle adventures of their own!

5% of author royalties from this book is going to ICP Support, a baby charity concerned with a liver complication in pregnancy, which can threaten the baby’s life. Their aim is to see every ICP baby make it safely home and I’m delighted to help support them in this. For more information, please see www.icpsupport.org or my Charities page. I would also like to thank Egmont for their full support in this.


I’m very excited that Ellie’s Magic Wellies is appearing at The Cambridge Literary Festival on Saturday 22nd April. There’s more information here: http://www.cambridgeliteraryfestival.com/whatson/amy-sparkes/


Have fun with Ellie’s Wellies!