East Anstey Fun!

East Anstey Fun!

East Anstey Fun!

There was much fun, madness and creativity when I paid a recent author visit to East Anstey Primary School.

The day kicked off with the Key Stage 2 class where we had great fun as a class making our own  character spidergram about a dreaded one-eyed monster who rather fancied nicking the children’s mint KitKats.


Destroyer has his eye on a tasty snack

Destroyer has his eye on a tasty snack

The children came up with some truly fabulous and hilarious ideas and soon had the plot and characters sorted. Thankfully, it ended with the children finding a way to get their chocolate back!


Imagine my surprise when all the children suddenly produced their own mint KitKats for snack. Totally bewildered, I asked where it all came from – and one boy replied, completely straight-faced, “Well, we got it back from the monster, didn’t we?” (So I didn’t ask any more questions after that, but being very impressed with the chocolate supply at the school, I’m planning a return visit as soon as possible to investigate!)

The children went on to make up their own stories on their tables and I was very impressed with the results!



Confident that this class were able to handle any one-eyed monsters which should appear, I ventured next door to Key Stage 1 for a fairytale adventure with Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land (illustrated by the fabulous Benji Davies).

We looked at some of the crazy characters you could come across in Fairy Tale Land, such as my favourite: the troll.

Troll had better abandon any hopes of mint KitKats for lunch...

Troll had better abandon any hopes of mint KitKats for lunch…

The children had fun making their very own Fairy Tale Land maps…




I was amazed by some of the detail on the map, like the little visitors on this one:


So, huge thanks to East Anstey Primary for inviting me in – and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Keep an eye on your mint KitKats! (You can handle those one-eyed monsters…it’s the chocoholic authors you need to watch out for!)