Developing Writers

Developing Writers

I’m keen to help new and emerging children’s authors. Writing is not an easy road! Check out my Writing Advice page here.

You can also try these below:

  • Check out my ‘Wednesday Writings Tips’ on Twitter (@AmySparkes) for some advice and exercises. Missed a session? Catch up here.
  • Every month, I produce the ‘Writing for Children’ pages in the bestselling Writing Magazine. Each article focuses on different aspects of writing for children, such as technical advice on the craft of writing; the submission process; themes in fiction; exercises; author interviews and more. The magazine is a wealth of information about the world of writing, including opportunities, competitions and industry news.
  • I also run writing workshops, which purely focus on writing for children. To look for upcoming opportunities, check out my Events page.
  • If you fancy doing a correspondence writing course, try the Writing Magazine Creative Writing Course. I am one of the tutors on the Writing for Children course and you are welcome to ask for me to be your tutor. (There’s more info here).We will accommodate where possible.


Check out the Egmont blog where I give some writing tips for authors working on NaNoWriMo.