Crediton’s Crazy Christmas!

Crediton’s Crazy Christmas!

Crediton’s Crazy Christmas!

Big thanks to Crediton Community Bookshop for inviting me, the mermaids and Zoggle the Alien in to play on Saturday! And thanks to everyone who came along!

Zoggle and books

Zoggle is the brother of Zobble – the alien in the story of ‘Alien’s Crazy Christmas‘. Zoggle is touring bookshops, festivals and events telling everyone what happened when his brother brought Christmas to Planet Blip… Crediton was his first stop!

There was also lots of mermaid magic when I read Estella and the Falling Star (the first book in the Mermaid Legends series)…


girl with mermaid picture

…and some marvellous sea monsters!

monster makers

Crediton Community Bookshop has signed copies of all my books for sale, and is currently offering a special price for Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land and Estella and the Falling Star.

So thanks again from Zoggle and me. We’re looking forward to the next stop of our tour!

Amy and Zoggle Crediton bookshop resized