Creating critters in Kingsbridge!

Creating critters in Kingsbridge!

Creating critters in Kingsbridge!

A big "thank you" to the staff and children at Kingsbridge School for inviting me in as part of their ‘Book Week’. The monsters and I had a fabulous time!

The children had wonderful fun making monstery masks, being illustrators and creating their own monsters. We had a good giggle as we created some critters all together. We’re still not quite sure why Fluffy has his tummy button on his face. But then some questions are better left unasked!


                                     Pete and Fluffy say hello to the children…


As I went to set up in the school hall, I noticed there was a piano in the corner. So, being of a rather spontaneous nature, I decided to hop onto the piano and sing the book to them! Judging by the boogieing in the back row (lovely dancing, girls!), I think it went down well!

The morning flew by faster than a Flying Flomp and it was time to persuade my monsters to get back in their bag and wave goodbye to Kingsbridge.

So thanks again, everyone, for a lovely visit and remember – watch out for the scary Squirgal!