Bags of Fun

Bags of Fun

Bags of Fun

What’s better than a book? A book in a sack!

Devon County Council have been running a ‘Story Sack’ course in Tiverton, to promote reading with children. This brilliant course encouraged the learners to think creatively about elements of a story and create related activities to engage young children. Each person could choose whichever book they liked for their sack.  I was privileged to be invited along for the final session to see what the participants had been doing and also because one of the students, Sarah Perry, had chosen this book for her story sack:

DSC_5865I was amazed at how fabulous the story sacks were! So much thought and effort had gone into every little detail. Personally, I’m as good at sewing as an elephant in mittens, so I was particularly in awe at the needlework done by the students, even though some of them were only using a sewing machine for the first time.

As well as the book itself, the story sacks needed to include a puppet, a game, and a non-fiction resource, such as a non-fiction book. Some of the students included colouring books, recipe cards, and fact sheets. The ladies who made the bags were so creative with the items they included. I wanted to get everything out and play with it myself!


The contents of Sarah's Story Sack.

The contents of Sarah’s Story Sack.

I especially love the puppets that Sarah made, complete with detachable Zookeeper cap! Happily, I did manage to get my hands on these and have a play!

Hooray, today's my holiday!

Hooray, today’s my holiday!

I had a chat with Nicola Nathan, Family Learning Tutor at Devon County Council who organised the course. She said: “I was really proud of this group as they all worked so hard to make their sacks. They learnt new skills such as using the sewing machine and probably the best thing was how well they all helped each other and worked hard as a group.”


With Sarah Perry (left), and those show-stealing puppets.

With Sarah Perry (left), and those show-stealing puppets.

Now the course is over, the finished sacks are being shared with young children. What a wonderful way to help them explore a story! I’m so inspired I may even have a go at making one myself.

Well done to everyone who took part and thanks for inviting me along!