Author visit fun!

Author visit fun!

Author visit fun!

Huge, sparkly thanks to staff and children at Blundell’s School for inviting me in for an author visit.


It was lovely to hear the children were so excited about stories and had already produced a stunning wall of monstery creations inspired by Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo.

We had great fun making a wish potion, based on Once Upon A Wish. The children added special ingredients to make their very own wish jar…We added moondrops, a sparkle of star, toadstools, acorns and feathers…unfortunately, I’d run out of goblin toenails. Ah well. I wonder if the children’s wishes came true?

lotions and potions and bottles and jars...

lotions and potions and bottles and jars…


It was also the most delightfully, disgustingly, gigglingly, gruesomely snotastical fun to share Robo-Snot with the children.  Some of the children were immensely brave and even dared to dip their hands in the ‘snotpot’ (kindly donated by Little Robot)…Immensely brave because it looks like this:



I had some great author questions from the children, including, “What do you eat?” from one of the little ones. And we had lots of fun learning the words and acting out the characters from The Mouse Who Sailed The Seas. The children did the best impressions of hairy-kneed goats and purple pea-ish aliens I’ve seen in a long while!

Great fun, also, was talking to the children about surviving Fairy Tale Land. I even had the opportunity to wear a stripy pair of tights on my head. As you do. (In my defence, the children were asked to guess how bright, stripy tights could help you survive Fairy Tale Land, and one small child suggested you wore them on your head. Had to be tried). Curiously, photographic evidence for that seems to have strangely disappeared….I hope….

We also talked of wishes and stars and mythical creatures which dwelt beneath the waves. One little girl was delighted to look just like one of the mermaids from Estella and the Falling Star (illustrated by Susie Tyler).


It’s wonderful to see the teachers and the children so excited about books and stories. Thank you again for inviting me in.

May your wishes come true, may you write some lovely adventures for your Monster Zoo monsters and may you always have a box of tissues handy in case Little Robot comes to call!