And…Mouse is off!

And…Mouse is off!

And…Mouse is off!

children's library

A humongous, sparkly thank you to everyone who helped make Mouse’s launch special yesterday! Special thanks to Tiverton Library for hosting the event and to the two lovely girls working towards their D of E badge who sorted all the balloons and were my official photographers for the morning! And big thanks to Emily, Katy and the team at Egmont who put together some fabulous materials for me to use.

So, what did we get up to?

We had great fun re-enacting the story, being the characters and, of course, seeing how loud we could sneeze (the book will explain why!)…

Some of the children helped Mouse's friends onto the boat

Some of the children helped Mouse’s friends onto the boat

There was also colouring…



making puppets

…a treasure hunt to find Mouse’s lost ‘Good Cheese Guide’…

I know I dropped it here somewhere...

I know I dropped it here somewhere…

Dot-to-dots…Choose a Cheese lucky dip to win a book…

action shot 3action shot 5

and of course…LOTS OF CHEEEEEEESE!

cheese tasting

I was dressed in purple to rather smartly match the colours of ICP Support, the charity the book is fundraising for. And, as one of the children kindly pointed out, this allowed me to do a far more realistic impression of a purple pea!

My story corner!

My story corner!

Is that a pod of purple peas behind me?

Blissfully unaware that a pod  of purple peas is sneaking up behind me…


So, we all wish Mouse the best as he sets off on his travels.

Illustration by the most fabulous Nick East

Illustration by the most fabulous Nick East

Thanks again, everyone, and only one thing left to say, really….


Some of Mouse's friends practise their cheesy grins!

Some of Mouse’s friends practise their cheesy grins!